December 29, 2012

Christmas #3

Christmas #3 started with our Christmas Eve candlelight service at church.  Always a fun time to see people we haven't seen in a while, in town visiting family.  Not a fun time is being in church for an hour with a 5 year old and a 16 month old.  By the lighting of the candles, the 16 month old had enough.  Oh well, one year I can watch the whole thing again.

This was taken once we got to church.
I love it. The only good one I got of them both!

This was during church.  Yes, I took a picture during church. It was such a sweet moment.  Well, at least of the younger kid and my mom.  Thankful they like to sit with us to help me since Daddy plays the bass in the praise band, when he can at least.

After church, we headed out to my parent's house.  We were starving so we all ate first.  Then we unloaded presents while my sis in law took photos of the kids all dressed up.  I'll have to get those from her.

Then, the fun and craziness began.  My oldest gets so excited and she gets loud.  Ok, louder.  She loves her cousins too!

 Getting help from Daddy

Nana and her helpers
 Hullabaloo, she loves it!

 Papaw opening his easy grabber thing he's been wanting for years.

Hayes opening his spy kit from us while little brother watches on.
 Her favorite! A steering wheel. She LOVES to drive.

 Hayes asked for and got a Red Ryder BB gun. Yes, we all said it!
"You'll shoot your eye out!" Except for my hubby who despises the movie. 

Opening her 'big' gift.
 My GIRL got a bow and arrow, just what she asked for after Hayes got one last year.
 The best presents of all!!!  Holly, some people do like those cheap bows!

 Whitt couldn't miss out on the photo opp!

 An 'attempt' at all 3.  Not happening.

After all the presents are opened and kids are in their PJ's, we always take a pic of all 4 of them.  Well, it's getting harder and harder.  Especially since it was past bedtime, again, for my sweet angel.

Yet another crazy Christmas celebration and yet again, we are blessed!  We missed my aunt and uncle, who couldn't be there due to illness but we had a great time.  

Thanks to both sets of grandparents and family members that gave generously to my children.  You all made their Christmas even more special!

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