December 27, 2012

Christmas #2

Sunday night, we spent the evening with the Hubby's extended family.  We had a big group, I think 23 people in all?  It was loud and rambunctious and so much fun.

We eat and eat and eat, and then eat some more.  Hubby's aunt (and our favorite photographer) is the best host.  Her husband cooks up some turkey and they feed us good!  We all bring sides and desserts and appetizers!  We eat til we are ready to pop.

Then, we play Dirty Santa with ornaments.  So much fun!  Now that the kids (or grandkids!) are getting older, they are starting to understand it a bit more!  Never fails though, someone ends up in tears.  It wasn't too bad this year!


 The ornament she came home with

 I love this pic.  Plus Tara laughing in it!

 Chloe didn't care about Dirty Santa.

Bradley was less than thrilled with his.
Poor Tobbie. He got stolen from I think 4 times!
 The ornament she picked out but it was stolen from us!

 Daniel's fun ornament earrings!

Unc Bruce, her favorite of the night

Just a little bit or the craziness!

We had a great time once again!  It's so nice to have a big family to catch up with over the holidays, even if it's a bit crazy!  Plus past bedtime, again!

Plus, I was the last person so I got to pick the best ornament!  Sorry Lindsey!
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