December 18, 2012

16 Months

Today, Baby Sister is 16 months old!

It's hard to get any pics of her because she is NEVER still, unless she's sleeping.

Now for the boring stuff:

Diaper - Size 4, Size 5 at night for some extra protection

Weight -  She weighed 24 pounds at her 15 month check up right after Thanksgiving. That puts her in the 75th percentile.  She is 32.5 inches tall, which is 90th percentile.  I grow them tall!

Clothes - She is mostly wearing 18 month clothes, although some are still too big.  She can squeeze in a few 12 month things.  I have put her in some of her sister's 2T Christmas stuff just to get some wear out of it and not have to buy a bunch more. I apparently didn't buy much 12 month Christmas stuff that didn't say 'Baby's First Christmas.'

Sleep - She still sleeps about the same.  She goes to bed usually around 7:30 every night and gets up anywhere from 6-7:30, depending on the day. She takes 1 good nap during the day at the sitter's and then sometimes in the afternoon or on the way home. Those back molars gave her fits this month but I think it's better now.  There were a few nights she did NOT sleep so well.  Plus, with this crazy MS weather, we've all been sinusy.  Yes, that's a word.  Especially if you live here.  Hot, cold, hot, cold, hot cold.  Describes our weather.

Teeth - Ole girl has some chompers now!  She has 4 on top, 4 on bottom and 4 molars, mostly all in now.

Activities - She is still super BUSY.  I don't see that changing anytime soon.  She keeps me on my toes but she is so much more loving than her sister at this age, or at least that I can remember.

She loves dogs.  She loves bath time.  She does NOT like bubbles in her bath though. I think it scared her.

Her vocabulary seems to have grown more this month than any other month.  I can't even list all the things she can say.  It's getting easier to understand it all too.

She LOVES to dance. She got her Mama's moves, which is NOT a good thing.

She is sooooo loving.  She will just walk up to you and hug on your legs. When I dropped her sister off for musical practice at church this weekend, she went up to a sweet 9 year old and hugged her legs.  I told Audrey that she knew a big sister when she saw one!  Audrey's sister will be 1 in April and is the other girl baby in the nursery at church right now. 

She LOVES to be OUTSIDE.  Like gets mad when we let the dog out to potty and she can't go with her!

Eating - She has gotten a little better with eating.  I think when we all sit down at the table and eat, it helps.  But, she's still too busy to stop for long and eat a bunch.  She's still growing fine so I'm ok with it.

Sorry for such a short update but I'm super busy at work right now.  I'm thankful for a great workplace and owners that care about their employees.  Oh, and the hubby has been working (and will be working) 12 hour shifts for a while.  It's kind of sad. He works, sleeps, and eats with not much time in between.  The only plus is how much money he's making that we can pay on other things.  But, I would like my husband back sometime soon.  There is no end in sight right now for him. BOO.

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