November 8, 2012

We Still Believe

As a reward for good behavior at school, we took Big Sister to her very first Mississippi State football game.  She worked really hard and only had 1 bad day in 2 weeks so she totally earned it.

I know there are some out there thinking I am crazy for just NOW taking her and she's almost 6!  Well, I actually LIKE watching the games.  And staying the entire time.  Not the same as a 5 year old!  Plus, I was scared to take her by myself with 60,000+ of my closest friends.  Since Daddy could go to this one, we agreed a while back that this would be the one we would take her too.  She's been to baseball and basketball, but 60K scared me a bit.

I was still a little nervous but I (and her Daddy) gave her a good lecture about how she had to stay with us and not run off, etc. etc.  When your pediatrician and OB-GYN have managed to lose a child at a football game, I know it can happen to anyone!

The day almost didn't happen.  After catching an EARLY case of strep throat on Thursday, and staying home from school Thursday and Friday, coupled with the hubby getting a tooth extracted Thursday, I was afraid the trip was NOT going to happen.  So much that I was so upset about it Friday night, I scrubbed me house.  Well, that and I wanted all the strep germs gone while Baby Sister was hanging out at Nana and Papaw's house.

Lo and behold, at 6:00 am Saturday morning, I was in the bathroom and Big Sister came marching out of her room declaring that TODAY WAS THE DAY.  She was ready.  So ready that we left the house 30 minutes later.  We threw some clothes in a bag, grabbed our cowbells, medicine (for hubby and her) and headed up the road!  Starkville bound!

We got to town and ran into the store I despise the most for sunscreen and sunglasses.  Who knew it was going to be 82 and SUNNNNNNYYY all day?

We caught the shuttle and go to the stadium around 10:15 for the 11:00 game.  Instead of letting her go get her face painted (all she wanted was a stinking tattoo Daddy!), we went in the stadium.  Yeah, at 10:20. AM.  Sun was barring down on us.

The game?  Well, not what we were expecting.  Our team looked worse than they have all year.  Oh well.  We still believe.  We believe they are a great team with a great coach in one of the greatest conferences of all.  Ok, the best conference.

She declared midway through the 2nd quarter that the game was boring and started asking when we were leaving.  Yeah, that's why she's never been.  At halftime, we went down to the concession area and cooled off.  Then her Daddy took her ALLLL the way up to the top to see if she was ok with it.  Which she surprisingly was!  They came back and we managed to stay with them til midway through the 3rd quarter.  We knew it was over then (the Bulldogs weren't even playing anymore) so we headed outside to tailgate.  They weren't painting faces anymore so we went and met up with some friends.

 My friend Liz, whose cabin we stayed in on our vacation!

And her ADORABLE little boy, Brooks.  Sooooo cute.  And quiet.  Unlike mine.

Then we went to the other side of campus, but not before seeing Bully, of the fake kind.

We caught the shuttle back to our car and headed to our BFF's house for a little more football, grilling, coloring, and playing at the park!

Thanks McFamily for always letting us crash!

 Best friends!

We had a great time in one of our favorite places with some of our favorite people.  Thanks to Craig and Anna for sitting with us!  Thanks Lisa and Bob for hanging with us and letting us stay at your house.

We still believe in our Bulldogs.
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