November 26, 2012

True Maroon

Here in the South, we like to say we 'Raise 'Em Right!' 

My Mississippi State Bulldogs have had a great season thus far. 8-4 is not too shabby in the SEC West!  Although we lost our rivalry game this weekend, we still believe and always will believe in our Bulldogs.


Because that's what we do.  Through thick and thin.  No fair weather fans here!

Needless to say, my brother and I (along with our spouses) have passed on this passion to our children.  My youngest is 15 months old and can say, "DAAAAAWWWWWGGG" like nobody's business.

My oldest loves talking about the Bulldogs.

It warms the heart.

We cheered on our Bulldogs this weekend, while celebrating Holly's belated birthday.  

And so it didn't go our way this year, but I'll take an 8-4 season!

 The bro and his wife.

 She's trying to convince to make silly faces.  

 He's not buying it.

 This was the silliest we could get from him.

 Love this one too. Except my kid looks possessed.


After this one, Baby Sister was DONE with picture taking and moved on to the slide!

And since this is MY blog, I will say it.  


If that irritates you, don't be jealous. We know we have a cocky Coach and a smart Athletic Director.

We are TRUE MAROON, win or lose!

Go Dawgs!
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