November 9, 2012

Thanks, Giving

When we were at the BFF's house this weekend (she has 4 girls), all the younger girls decided they wanted to throw us a party.  It was pretty cute.

We each got an invitation they had made. Even their dog, Lulu.

Notice here it says 'Come to the Cichun.'  They tried.  We giggled about that one.

At 9:40 (or something like that, they were delirious and we were watching football), we were supposed to come to the kitchen for their Thanksgiving party.

When we all finally got there, they danced and showed us their 'decorations.'

 This is a banner, not pizza, just in case you were wondering!

They said they wanted to show us what they were thankful for!

I will say, delirious and all, it was pretty sweet and thoughtful.  And we laughed the the English major's daughter kept spelling Happy Thanksgiving like this:
Happy Thanks, giving.

Well, she's right in one way.  We should be happy and thankful and giving.

Sure is nice when the kiddos show you what it's truly all about.
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