November 17, 2012

Love Moves

Since I started blogging 2.5 years ago (Wait, what? Seriously??), I have started reading quite a few other blogs.  I call these people my 'friends' even though we have never met and they don't know me from Adam.

I did meet a fellow blogger this weekend who introduced herself to me saying that she read my blog but never wanted to say anything as to not feel like a stalker.  I'm the same way M!  So glad we talked!

One of the bloggers I have read for a long time, and have even read one of her books, is Angie Smith.  She is married to Todd, who is one of the lead singers of the Christian group, Selah.  They have a beautiful family with a bunch of girls!

She has a great story and is amazing with words and writing.  She's experienced great heartache and has found such a love for the Lord and serving.

This past week, she took her oldest daughters (red-headed twins!) on a Compassion mission trip to Peru.

I follow her on Twitter and Instagram too so I saw some of the pictures she posted.  (Ok, that does sound kind of stalkerish but it's borderline, right?)  I knew great things were happening on their trip.  So I've been praying for them.

She wrote this post and it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read.  She really has a way with words and her and her girls have such a passion for people and the Lord.  I pray my daughters grow up to be great witnesses like hers!

Beware, I needed a tissue...
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