November 19, 2012

Happy Birthday BGA!

When I got my first 'real' job after college, I met an awesome lady named Lisa.  I started work in June 2002.  (Yeah I'm old!)  This Lisa person took me under her wing and it was like we were meant to be best friends.  

It just so happened that we did become best friends and back in June 2002, she was pregnant.  

Fast forward to November 19, 2002.  The day her 2nd daughter was born.  I was at the hospital that same day!  I was so excited to meet my first Godchild!

Her name is Audrey and we have always and will always call her Baby Girl Audrey.  She's the sweetest and kindest soul you will ever meet!  I love her dearly and she will keep you in line.  She started out as a serious Daddy's girl but is super protective of her Mama!

I like to think I'm her favorite Aunt.  Well, at least her favorite Auntie E.  Although, I think she likes my hubby more, at times anyway!

That sweet girl turns 10 today.  Man, what an awesome young lady she turned into, almost overnight.

She's 2 whole hands old now.  Ok, BGA, you are allowed to stop growing and have no more birthdays.

I love you sweet girl!  Always stay protective of that mama you have and it's ok to be a Daddy's girl, sometimes!

One of my favorite pictures of all time.
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