November 2, 2012

Fields of the Woods

We passed this attraction on the way in to our cabin destination and decided it would be something fun to do one morning, and it wasn't far away from where we were staying.

 Fields of the Woods is located just outside Murphy, NC, close to the TN state line.  We read a few reviews about it and everyone seemed to enjoy it.  Plus, you can get a great workout, spiritual and physical.

 Entrance gate

Admission is free because the everlasting gift of Salvation through Jesus Christ is free to any and all who except it.

Prayer Chapel

 The steps leading to the 10 Commandments written on the hillside.

 Yes, we climbed them.  When we got to the top, we realized you could drive on this little side road all the way to the top.  I am out of shape.  Bad.  My calves hurt terribly for the next 3 days.

 View from the top

 See my little white car all alone in the parking lot?

 Huge Bible

 Looking down on the huge commandments

One of my favorite parts

Jesus' tomb.  Big Sister was pretty excited to see this picture.  She asked lots of questions about it.
 I never really saw it as a 'jail' but more of a cave type setting.  Which this was, but with bars.  When you walk in it, you get this overwhelming feeling.  I know it's not the REAL tomb but it was pretty cool.

 You can get baptized here if you want.

This was on the road continuing after the Ten Commandments

 This was the view from the top of the mountain.  Luckily, we drove but it was amazing.  Hubby was happy about the good cell reception up there.  So much so, he called his mom to tell her about it.

 See?  Geek.

 All the flags in the shape of a cross, because Jesus died to save ALL people.

 I tweeted this pic saying, "Enjoying God's Beauty."

Just taking the time to be still and listen.  And admire all He's done.  Refreshing.

We didn't stay too long at this place but it was well worth it!  If you are ever in or around Murphy, NC, you should take some time to visit here.

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