November 15, 2012

Bailey Butterfly aka Turkey

Last week, one of our homework assignments was to disguise the provided paper turkey and write a few sentences on how said turkey would 'escape the farmer' so he wouldn't be eaten.

A few examples were a clown, football player, and something else that I can't remember.  My kid was DEAD SET on making hers a clown.

So I said ok.  She colored the turkey and gave him a red nose.  That was it.  After much convincing and showing her pics on the computer (what did our parents do when we were in school with no internet? Oops, I'm OLD. And NOT on Pinterest), she agreed to disguise the turkey as a butterfly.

I think it turned out pretty cute.  By the way, this was a 'family' homework project, meaning Mom can do most of the work.  I didn't do much but cut out the buttferfly wings and tape them on.  She colored and decorated it 100%.

This week they are supposed to discuss them and they will all be on display in their hallway.  Both kindergarten classes participated.

Maybe there will be a cool prize.  Because we are competitive like that.



Everyone is a winner!

So Bailey Butterfly, I hope you escaped the farmer and don't get eaten this Thanksgiving!
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