November 18, 2012

15 Months

Today, Baby Sister is 15 months old.

This is her 'CHEEEEEESE' face.

Man, time is flying by.  I love this stage though.  Minus the BUSY at least 12 hours a day.  She is soooo independent, just like her Big Sister.  She rarely will hold your hand when walking.  She tries and tries to climb on stuff until she gets it.  She's a monkey that goes up and down and up and down and up and down.  She will sit still the longest if you either give her a book, crayon, or my shoes so she can put them on my feet and take them off about 20 times.

No kidding.  And she gets mad when she can't get them on.  She LOVES flip flops.  Which of course, we still wear year around usually. 

Now for the boring stuff:

Diaper - Size 4

Weight -  23 pounds or so. We go for our 15 month check up after Thanksgiving so I will know then.  Our scale is broken so I can't weigh her at home.

Clothes - She is mostly wearing 18 month clothes, although some are still too big.  She can squeeze in a few 12 month things that are hand me downs because they are more for the cooler weather.  I did go buy her a few cold weather outfits last week.

Sleep - She still sleeps about the same.  The time change has not bothered her much.  She goes to bed usually around 7:30 every night and gets up anywhere from 6-7:30, depending on the day. She takes 1 good nap during the day at the sitter's and then sometimes in the afternoon or on the way home.  I am really lucky that she sleeps so well.  I sometimes wish I could sit and rock her every night, but she won't sit still long enough for that.  She want her cup and 'Raffie' (giraffe lovey) and she's OUT.  I am thankful because it allows me extra time with Big Sister for reading, spelling words, etc.

Teeth - Last week I was feeling in her mouth for a new tooth that was coming in on the top and I felt a MOLAR coming in.  Poor thing, she never complains.  So right now, she has 4 teeth on top with a few more that are starting to come in and 4 teeth on the bottom, with more coming in, including the big fat molar.

Activities - BUSY is the best way to describe her at this age.  Into everything!  She wants to do EVERYTHING her Big Sister does.  We are working on that with Big Sister too!

She loves to play peekaboo, especially after bathtime.  You can ask her if she wants some milk and she will shake her head yes.  She always wants milk.  She's a drinker.

She still LOVES the water.  Bath time is by far her favorite time of the day.  When she hears the water running, she takes off toward the tub!

Her vocabulary is getting larger and larger.  She can say BarBar (the sitter), Sissy, Sweat Pea (sitter's dog), Papaw (I think her fav word), Mama, Dadda, ball, teetee, book, paper, and a ton of others I can't think of right now.

She LOVES to dance.  Especially to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  The birthday party we went to last weekend was MM themed.  They played all the music from the show and she just danced and danced and danced.

She has perfected her 'fish face' and loves to give fish kisses.  Especially with her sister and they both giggle through it.  She can also curl her tongue, something some people still can't do.

She ADORES dogs.  Any dog really.  She loves to hug on them.  Luckily, our dog and the sitter's dog are pretty tolerable.  I could see it being a problem for a dog that doesn't know her.  She can also say DOOOOOOOOOOOGGGGG.  When she sees a dog, she says that.  When she sees anything Mississippi State related, she says it.  Yeah, we raise 'em right!

She is sooooo loving.  She will just walk up to you and hug on your legs.  She may be busy but she is always willing to give out some lovin'!  Especially to her sister, who I think gets more lovin' than any of us.  And my Dad.  They have a special bond.

She LOVES to be OUTSIDE.  She will go sit at our back door and just look outside and point.  We love going to my parent's house since it's out in the country and she can be outside all day long.  She will get up in her stroller that is inside and sit and wait until someone gets her and takes her strolling outside.

Eating - She is still not the best eater but I'm ok with it.  She eats most anything, just not a lot of it.  She will eat 3 bites of a chicken nugget and be done with it.  As long as she's got her milk, she's good.  She really only gets that at breakfast, nap, and bedtime. 

I think that's it for this update!  Stay tuned for more stats next month.  We've been lucky and haven't been to the Dr. in a while.

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