October 31, 2012

Word-filled Wednesday

In June, the hubby and I celebrated 10 years of marriage.  I decided that I wanted to take a kid-free anniversary trip to celebrate.  I saved money from our tax return and got everything scheduled around his vacation schedule.  We originally were going to go to London to see my friend Betsy and her husband.  Turns out they were going to be home in the states while we were planning to be across the pond!  Long story short, we researched cruises, Key West, Cabo, etc.  Man, things are expensive! 

After losing my engagement ring, having to buy a generator after Isaac, and many other small things that add up, we decided a cheap trip would be best.

I have another friend that has a cabin in North Carolina at a little place called Bear Paw.  I asked if we could stay there for a week.  She obliged and it was set.

We were about 20 miles from the nearest 'town' which was Murphy, NC.  We were about 10 miles from the TN/NC line.

We set out last Monday, after dropping off the girls at school and the sitter's.  We took the scenic route and arrived at the cabin around 8 pm, Eastern time.  There is very little cell reception there and no Wi-Fi at our cabin (they had some at the pavilion just down the road though). I was totally fine with it (they had a land line) but the hubby was already having withdrawals.  I was able to call home every night to talk with Big Sister and my parents.  They had a big time.  Big Sister was learning to ride her bike without training without training wheels (which is HUGE for her) and she had a GREAT week at school!

Since there wasn't much to do other than relax, we watched movies, caught up on TV shows, and played Angry Birds.  Yeah, a lot of Angry Birds.  I had never played before and now I totally get the obsession.  Big Sister is pretty good at it so I knew it couldn't be that hard.  And it's not, just addictive!

Here are some pics around where we stayed.  I'm going to break up vacation into a few posts so as not to bore or overwhelm you.  I know you all are so interested.

 Our cabin

 Lake Hiwassee

 Hiwassee Dam

 Looks like a postcard, minus me

 The marina 

We went to the movies, bowling, shopped, played, ate, and just hung out. 

We had no responsibilities.  We didn't have to be anywhere at any special time.  Except for my spa appointment on Thursday.

Which, by the way, if you ever have the chance for an hour+ massage, do it.  Worth every penny.  So amazing.

We visited a few sites (I'll do another post on those) and did some outlet mall shopping, as well as Christmas and birthday shopping.

We made it home Saturday around 2 pm.  I went to pick up the kids around 3:30 and they were excited.  I was worried after a week with grandparents that they would forget me.  Nope, just changed so much in such a small amount of time.

All in all, we had some great adventures (I'm not allowed to navigate anymore) but we spent some quality time together as best friends, husband and wife.  I love my kids, but I miss that time together.

Stay tuned for other posts since I know inquiring minds want to know! ha!
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