October 5, 2012

Thankful Friday

It's October.  This October I am thankful for lots of things.

I am thankful this month means VACATION.  My long awaited 10 year anniversary trip.  With no kids. For a week.  I love my children but we need a break.  I'm so thankful my parents taking them both in for a week.  They are about to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary and are taking in my kids for a week so we can celebrate our 10th.  They rock. Seriously.

This October I am thankful for jeans.  Jeans that fit.  Last October, I will not even close to being able to wear my old jeans again. Granted my kid was only a few months old, but it was hard.  Especially when I went to Las Vegas and wore some Spanx with a pair of jeans. Yeah, on the plane. NOT comfortable.

Y'all know I am always thankful for cooler weather.  Granted, it's not 60 every day, but I'll take a bit less humidity and maybe not sweating just walking to the car.

I am thankful I am an American.  But I could care less about debates, etc.  I know who I am voting for and that's that.  I'm thankful I can log off Twitter and NOT read all about who won and who the terrible moderator was. 

I'm thankful for new blog designs! And people who make me get off my behind and put up a new one. Thanks K!

I'm especially thankful for a good support system!  I have friends that I talk to daily that push me and challenge me.  I have great family that helps out whenever (usually) I ask.  No words can express my gratitude there.

I'm thankful for so many other things right now that I can't list them all.  I am thankful I can worship my Lord in whatever way I want, whenever I want. I am thankful for my job.  I am thankful the hubby has a good job, even though I complain (ALL THE TIME) about his shift work.

I am thankful my kiddo had a good week at school.  Those are few and far between sometimes.  And just when I think she's 'getting' this good behavior thing, she has a bad week.  Oh well, one day.  But this week, we are thankful for improvement! 

I am thankful that I can stop and be thankful.  Be still.  Enjoy the day.

Happy Friday friends.  Have a glorious weekend!
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