October 19, 2012

Music Friday

A little less than a year ago, I began listening to this band that I thought was a Christian group.  So I added them as a Pandora station.  Then some non-Christian bands were 'similar artists'.  

Long story short, they are a Christian band but have made it in the contemporary scene.

They are called NEEDTOBREATHE and they are some amazing musicians.  They have opened for Taylor Swift and been on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno!

I decided if they ever came close to my hometown for a concert that I would go see them.  Lo and behold, they are now headlining their own tour!  And, just so happened to be stopping in a town about an hour away from me.

They are awesome musicians from South Carolina who just happened to be named Bear and Bo (Bryant), both after Bear Bryant.


Happy birthday to me.  I found someone to go with me and bought the tickets in July or August.  My birthday was in September but the concert was last Friday night.

I will say one thing! FABULOUS.

My sweet friend Matthew and his mom were my dates!
Opening band, Parachute

I love this one

I think this was at the beginning of their encore, all of them singing with just the guitar!

Brothers, Bo and Bear, playing. AMAZING!
The Reckoning Tour

 The bass player and keyboard player came out and played drums at one point.

For the last song or so, the guy that played as the opener to the opening band (Drew Holcomb, who was awesome too) came back and played with them.

I'm so glad I had the opportunity to see them.  They are so humble and all of them are awesome musicians.  One.Amazing.Show.
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