October 11, 2012

Giveaway Time!!!

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Once again, it's time to plan for my Christmas card.  We have already scheduled a time to take our family pictures.  I know, it's early.  But it's easier to plan while the hubby's on vacation then to plan around his work schedule!

I'm one of those that looks over the selection of cards before taking our pics.  Mostly to get ideas of what will look good as a background for my pics.  That way, we can determine WHERE we are going to take the pictures.  

Last year, I found some great cards that had pictures of families with water in the background and it gave me a GREAT idea to have pics taken at the pond at my parents' house.

This year, Shutterfly's selection is amazing once again.  From traditional colors and embellishments to merry and bright colors that take on a modern feel, they also feature religious/scripture based cards (including Hanukkah) and cards that you can showcase your fur babies photos on.  Whatever your style is, I'm sure they have something you’ll love.

They have also added a feature where customers can review the products so you can read the comments to help make your decision on which card works best for you!

Shutterfly offers so many specials all the time!  I can load a bunch of pics or be in need of some invitations and know that as soon as I get ready to order, they will send me an email with some special offer!  

Here are a few of the cards I really like for this year!

I based last year's Christmas card pic on this family and background!


I like the more traditional, religious cards, especially that shows the meaning of Christmas.  It's not just about showing off your family, it's about celebrating the birth of our Savior!  You know all your friends and family want to see the pictures of how big your kids are now, but it's another way to share your beliefs with them!

Now for the FUN part!!

If anyone is interested, comment on this post by October 29th for a chance to win a giveaway of $50 off your total order (does not include shipping & cannot be combined with any other promos) from Shutterfly!  That will help you this Christmas!

Shutterfly is also on the up and up of social media.  
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