October 14, 2012


Let's compare.

Baby Sister August 2012
Big Sister August 2007
Big Sister January 2008
Baby Sister October 2012
 In the bottom 2 pics, both girls have on the same dress, made by my sis in law's talented mother!  They are both 1 year old in these pics.  Sorry the bottom one is blurry, that child never stops.  I think Baby Sister is going to be even taller than her sister.  That same dress is WAY too short for her when it fits Big Sister perfectly when she was the same age.

I see so many similarities, yet so many differences.  They are both unique in their own way.  They STILL adore each other, for now.  Big Sister has taken her role on completely.  She doens't (always) like to share, but she's always checking on her to see what's wrong when she cries.  Baby Sister face planted on some concrete at my parent's house one day and Big Sister was beside herself with wanting to know if she was ok!  They were both fine after a few minutes.

Although both of my girls challenge me in different ways, they are such a blessing.  They are both so full of energy and rarely stop to do anything.  When the crash, they crash hard!

I'm so thankful God chose me as their Mom!

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