October 8, 2012

40 Years

Today is my parents' 40th wedding anniversary!  WOW is all I can say.

But, y'all know me better than that.  I always have something to say!

My parents are 2 of the most awesome people in the world, but granted, I'm biased.  They taught me everything right and wrong and are now helping me teach my children too.  They set the groundwork for my brother and I.  I think they did a great job!  And my Mom deserves a medal for putting up with my Dad for 40 years!  He likes to pester just to get a reaction!

I am so grateful that my parents set the tone very early on that faith is an important part of our lives.  I also think this is the only time I've ever seen my Dad wearing his wedding band.  He's 'allergic' to gold, he says. Not sure if I believe that or not! ha!

My mom's engagement picture. See the resemblance?
I can honestly say it was worth it for my Mom to tell my Dad NO 2 or 3 times when he asked her to marry him before she said yes.  They met on a blind date, set up by friends, who are now family.  It's a long and complicated story but a pretty cool one!

In a world that seems full of divorce, thank you for showing us it IS possible.

So Happy 40 years together to the best parents in the world!  Hope you enjoyed your dinner this weekend!  And, here's to 40 more!

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