October 18, 2012

13 and 14 Months

I totally forgot to do a post when Baby Sister turned 13 months old.  So I'll combine it with this one.

Today, Baby Girl turns 14 months old!!!  Wow!

We are super busy around our house these days.  Between church, homework, soccer, etc. we stay busy!  My girls still adore each other and are (usually) super sweet to each other.  Baby Sister did a face plant on the concrete at my parents' house a while back and I think it upset her Big Sister more so than her!

Now for the boring stuff:

Diaper - Size 4

Weight -  22 pounds or so.  The last time we went to the Dr. was a few weeks ago and I don't even remember her weight. I know, sad.  I think it was 22 pounds.

Clothes - She can still wear some 12 month clothes but we are gradually moving to 18 months, mainly because the majority of 18 month stuff is for warm weather (hello, Big Sister was 18 months IN THE SUMMER).  Since it's still fairly warm, I can get away with it.  We might be in real trouble when it gets really cold. I think she has 3 outfits to wear then.  We'll just wear a jacket with all our short sleeve stuff!

Sleep - She goes to bed usually between 7:30 and 8 every night and gets up anywhere from 6-7:30, depending on the day. She takes 1 good nap during the day at the sitter's and then sometimes in the afternoon or on the way home.

Teeth - She has 3 teeth on top and 4 on bottom.  She got the first ones pretty quick and then stalled on the rest.  She's the total opposite of her sister that waited longer to get her 1st tooth but then got them all at once.  And she always got them at least 2 at a time.  They don't seem to be bothering her so I'm fine with it.  She does sometime wake up in the middle of the night for seemingly no reason so maybe they do bother her, but she takes some tylenol and goes back to sleep.

Activities - She talks a good bit these days.  She says Mama and Papaw all the time.  She waves to Big Sister when she gets on the bus or out of the car and blows kisses while saying BYE BYE!  She communicates well to be so young.  She can pretty much tell you what she wants by pointing or shaking or nodding her head.  And, she is BUSY.  She's into everything.  She likes to get in my cabinets and she knows the ones we don't have child-proofed.  She likes to stack things and throw things away.  BUSY BUSY BUSY!

She still LOVES the water.  Bath time is by far her favorite time of the day.  When she hears the water running, she takes off toward the tub!  She tries to climb in the tub too.  Once in the tub, she tries to 'swim' up and down the tub.  It's fun but exhausting getting her actually bathed.  I think she's going to have to take swimming lessons next summer when Big Sister takes them again!

Eating - She is not the best eater but that's ok!  She's growing just fine!  She likes green beans, french fries, chicken nuggets, and bananas.  She likes to drink milk but I only let her at naptime and bedtime.

Ok, that's all for an update!  We are enjoying every moment of this busy stage of life.  Although, it does make time fly even faster.
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