September 18, 2012

Tip Tuesday

Disclaimer:  I am no expert at anything, except NOT being at expert at anything. These tips are just something that have helped me, or someone else, or could help me, or you. That's my goal. I'm not all about the telling you what to do. So take them as you will.

I have never been a fan of vegetables, especially green ones.   Green beans, lima beans, peas, lettuce, etc.  ICK.

Well, during my last pregnancy something changed.  I've gotten used to green beans.  I actually order them as a side at some restaurants.  Shocker, I know. 

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 What else I have learned?  To eat your veggies FIRST.  Get them out of the way.  Then dig into your crabs or meat or whatever else you have.  I like steamed green beans and if I wait til halfway through my meat, they get cold and then aren't as appealing. 

So your handy Tip for today is EAT YOUR VEGGIES.  And, eat them first.
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