September 4, 2012

Tip Tuesday

Disclaimer:  I am no expert at anything, except NOT being at expert at anything. These tips are just something that have helped me, or someone else, or could help me, or you. That's my goal. I'm not all about the telling you what to do. So take them as you will.

This tip is from experience.  If you are going to a place with a salad bar or a frozen yogurt put your toppings on it yourself kind of place, make sure you check out the toppings FIRST. Or the salad dressing FIRST.

My husband's favorite restaurant when we lived in Starkville was Ruby Tuesday.  Mainly because he LOVES a good salad.  I mean a piled so high on your plate that you have to poke your fork down it like a straw kind of salad.  Yeah.  Me?  Could live the rest of my life without lettuce.

He got that salad all nice and fixed about 2 times and then realized they had to Italian dressing.  Talk about heartache for him.  He will not eat anything else dressing-wise.  He will now sometimes eat balsamic vinaigrette but would prefer Italian.  If you force me to eat salad, it has to have Ranch.  And lots of it.  Kind of defeats the purpose.

I digress.

I went to our new frozen yogurt place the other day to get a gift card for someone.  Well, of course, I had to get some yogurt while I was there.  Luckily, I looked at the topping bar before I selected my flavor because they didn't have Snickers out this time.  Plain vanilla or chocolate would not have been good with no Snickers.  So I picked another flavor.

Basically, the tip here is to research your toppings before you hit the buffet!

I know you are all smarter after reading my tips!  You are welcome.
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