September 21, 2012

Even more Birthday Wishes!

Today is a special day.  Big Sister had her 1st real school program where she has a speaking part!  Yeah, her mouth is her biggest asset.

Even better than that is today is a special day for 2 people!

It's NANA's birthday!
And it's Uncle Josh's birthday!

To Nana,
Happy Birthday!  We love you so much! Thank you for ALL you do for us.  You never complain and you are the biggest help!!!!  All the kids and grandkids adore you and I think it's pretty mutual! We cannot say thank you enough.  And We love you!!

To Uncle Josh,
You are favorite fix-it man!  You have come to our rescue (especially lately) more times than I can count.  And you never ask for anything in return.  You have such a kind heart and are a great husband, father, brother, friend.  We love you too!!!  Happy Birthday!!!

Such a special day today!  Everyone enjoy!

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