August 10, 2012

MY Hometown

What a week this has been.  Emotional highs and lows.  I'm thankful for this blog, which is my outlet.

I've said this a million times and will probably say it a million more times, but I really need to get off social media. I get so tired of things on FB, yet I can't stop looking at it.  I love Twitter and actually prefer it, but I can't stop looking at it either.

What bothers me most?

When people trash my hometown, which is 99% of the time THEIR hometown too.

So today, I'm going to get a few things off my chest.

1)   If you don't like the town you live in, MOVE.  I am sure there are many other places out there that would like to have you as a resident.

2)   Don't be talking negatively about YOUR hometown on social media. That only makes YOU and your hometown look bad.  Who wins then?  NOBODY.

3)   If you have a problem and want something done, DO IT.  Don't wait on someone else to come along and fix it.  The only way change is ever going to happen is to be progressive.

Example:  If you are mad that we are getting another Waffle House or McDonald's, get over it.  We are a small town.  If you would rather have a chain restaurant on every corner, have at it, somewhere else.

If you really want to see something else move to town, talk with your Chamber of Commerce.  Volunteer with your Convention and Visitor's Bureau.

Ever think of that?

If you think our schools are not good enough, MOVE.  Don't bash them on social media.  OR, do something about it.  GET INVOLVED.

The only way anything will ever get better is to change your attitude and be proactive.

I love my hometown and everything about it.  I moved 3 hours away from my best friend and her family (my Goddaughter included and sweet Bulldog country) to be closer to our families for when my hubby and I decided to expand our family.  It was not an easy choice, but it was the right one.

I wouldn't change it for the world.  So please, if you have a problem, don't complain on social media. It won't change a thing.  It will just tick me off.

That's my rant for today. 
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