August 9, 2012

All About Me

Nope, this post is Not All About ME!  It's all about Big Sister and her first homework assignment. 

Tomorrow, they have to take a brown bag with 5 things that describe all about them.  They have to put them in a brown paper bag.

I am happy to report that we are already finished with assignment early!  That will probably be the last time we finish up early!

Here is what my super smart 5 year old picked to tell all about herself.  
I could not be more proud with what she chose.

And yes, I might just end up being one of 'those' moms who posts every single thing my kid does in school. FAIR WARNING.

 Enough said.  I love that girl.

Especially awesome for her teacher who graduated from TSUN!

She wanted a picture of her family so we picked our Christmas card. Man, we have all changed since this picture was taken!

She also wanted a picture of her and Hayes yet she picked one with all 4 of them.  She is sooooo proud to show off her baby sister!

This one is pretty self-explanatory.  It was her last item picked.  Tough decision between this and a car.  Yeah, my girly girl.

This child is growing up to be JUST LIKE ME.  I'm sorry to her teacher and all her future teachers.  Her mouth will get her in trouble for the rest of her life.

We pray each and every night for her, her teacher, her class, and her school.  As sad as I was to see this day come, it's exciting to see her progression. She's already learned so much in a few days.  We are blessed to be at a great school with lots of my friends there who are teachers.

What a great first week it's been (minus the first 10 minutes of Monday!).
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