August 25, 2012

1st Birthday Party

Thanks to all the family that came to the 1st birthday party Friday night.  We all had so much fun and were honored to spend it with you all!

Here are a few pictures from the big event.  We went with the owl theme.  The main reason I picked it was that when we found out we were expecting, we bought a shirt for Big Sister that said, "Whooo's got a secret?  I'm going to be a Big Sister" or something like that but it had owls all over it.  This was by far one of the least stressful birthday parties ever.  I think because I took the entire day off and left the kids at school and with the babysitter so I could work on everything and hang out with my parents.  But still, next year I am voting for her a beach birthday party.  Anybody want to join?

Party favors

The banner I made

Cupcakes, courtesy of my sis in law. I made them, she decorated them.
She's pretty awesome.
The set up
Another view
Close up
The picture frame we had everyone sign for her!
Sweet boy without training wheels.

Full speed. Always.
LOVE. He's smitten. It's mutual.

Best I could get

So Dad took over the camera at this point but most every picture is blurry.  Opening presents was like a train wreck.  She only wanted my Dad, her Papaw.  She could care less about most of the presents, just wanted the paper out of them.

And then, this is also the point that my camera died.  Yep, forgot to charge it.  Had all day to do it and never even thought about it. NOTE TO SELF: Always charge camera before milestones!

Luckily, my awesome sister in law had her camera.  She has the rest of the pics of the cupcake 'smashing.'  I'll share when I get them.

It was a whirlwind but I'm so glad I choose to do it on a Friday night. I had all weekend to recoup and everybody else still had their weekend! We hope everyone enjoyed. 

I still can't believe my super sweet and loving and tender and beautiful in every way possible baby girl is now 1.  It's official now that we've sang Happy Birthday and she's blown out the candle!
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