August 21, 2012

1 year

Today, we had Baby Sister's 12 month well baby visit.  She was such a super star.

I was a bit scared because this girl made the appointment for 11:15, knowing we would not get in til at least 11:45 and that's all lunch and nap time.  But man, that girl fell asleep on the way and stayed asleep until about 10 minutes before they called us back.  It was heavenly.  Except when my stomach growled so loudly it woke her up!

Once we got back to the room, they took her measurements.  She weighs 21.9 pounds, which is only 2 more pounds than at her 9 month check up.  And I am totally ok with that. This puts her in the 'average' category.

She is now 30 inches long.  I put a birthday dress on her Friday that her Big Sister wore to her 1st birthday party and it was too short for Baby Sister!  This puts her in the 'above average' category. Yeah, we grow them tall!

She is doing wonderfully.  She got 3 shots and did so good. She was done crying by the time we left the room.  Then we ran into my super awesome OB doctor (who happens to be married to our pediatrician) and talked with both of them for a bit.

She has 5 teeth, 2 on top and 3 on bottom. We've slightly stalled in the tooth department lately. I'm ok with that too.

The big (family) birthday party is Friday night.  I am excited about it.  I don't go all out for a 1st birthday but thanks for my crafty sis in law, this one is going to be super cute.  I'm (GASP) not on Pinterest so none of my decorations or anything are inspired from there.  Although, the cupcakes will be. The SIL found those but she also has a super cute cupcake book that we consulted.

Birthday pictures to come, but in the meantime, here are a few from her actual birthday Sat. at the Jackson Zoo.  They just recently opened a new splash park and my kids loved it!

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