July 10, 2012

Tip Tuesday

Just a little FYI tip for all you ladies out there.  I never thought I would have to worry about this.

Seeing as how we've had a certified scuba diver search for my ring at the bottom of the lake for 2 days very unsuccessfully, I've been going through the insurance process.

So here's your tip (and it's a super important one):
TAKE A PICTURE OF YOUR RING (s), like right now.  We didn't take the traditional hand over hand pic at our wedding.  I've been searching through a million pictures trying to find one good enough to turn over to insurance company.

I've learned way more through this process than I ever wanted to.  If my ring was 'endorsed' by my insurance company, we would not have had to pay our regular homeowner's policy deductible.  So, if you have rings or furs or guns at your house and you want them on your policy, talk to your agent. Take them to her. Get them appraised. You can bet that's what I'll be doing if I ever get a new ring. I might have to stick to my $10 replacement from Belk for a while.  Diamonds were WAY cheaper 11 years ago when this one was purchased.

If you have anything of worth in your house, take pictures. Get them printed and store them on a hard drive somewhere.  Also, talk with your insurance agent to make sure you have everything listed that needs to be.

You never know when you are going to need them. I sure never thought I would.
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