July 19, 2012

11 Months

Yesterday, my baby turns 11 months old. I can't believe she will be a year old in 1 month.  Seems like just yesterday....

We've had a BIG month. I think I say that every month.

These pics are blurry because someone is ALWAYS on the move but this is our life these days.

We are walking and climbing people.  And by that I mean, as soon as we get to my parent's house, she goes to the stairs and can make it up to about the 5th one pretty quickly. Then she will turn around and giggle at us.

She gets mad at my dad a lot because he tells her NO when she heads toward said stairs.  It's soooo funny.

This is on Big Sister's stool in her room.  This is usually what happens after bath time and Big Sister is getting dressed.

Jumping/Bouncing (why it's extra blurry)

 Now for the boring stuff:

Diaper - Size 4

Weight -  20 pounds at last Dr. visit, which was right after 9 months. She probably weighs 21 or 22 now.

Clothes - Mostly all 12 months.

Sleep - Still going to bed usually about 8 every night and gets up anywhere from 6-7:30, depending on the day. She still naps quite a bit during the day.She usually takes 1 good nap and then a few cat naps, mostly in the car.

Activities - The week of the 4th of July, she took 2 steps.  One night, she took 3. Then at Blake's birthday party that Friday night, she took 4 from me to Aunt Lindsey.  She can walk really good while holding your hand or something else.  She can now stand for long periods of time. She's learning how to stand from sitting position.  And she's climbing. Everywhere. All the time. My heart skips a beat a good bit during the day.

She has 5 teeth, 3 on bottom and 2 on top. I think another one is starting on the bottom so we'll see.

She can high-five and we are somewhat blow kisses.  She's so sweet and will flirt with anyone, male or female.

She LOVES the water.  Bath time is by far her favorite time of the day.  When she hears the water running, she takes off toward the tub!  She tries to climb in the tub too.  Once in the tub, she tries to 'swim' up and down the tub.  It's fun but exhausting getting her actually bathed.

She loves sleeping with 'Elphie' our pink elephant.  But, she doesn't want it any other time than at night.  I'm amazed that she can put herself to sleep at night with just Elphie and no paci or blanket or anything.

Eating - She takes a 7 ounce bottle about 3 times a day. She takes an 8 ounce bottle at night. She still eats some all stage 2 and 3 foods. She pretty much eats all table food at home.  I plan to start mixing her bottles with some regular milk to we can wean off the formula.  She's also gotten to where she doesn't want a bottle in the mornings so she eats Cherrios with some juice.  She LOVES to feed herself.  Which is messy but helpful for me so I can get other things done while she eats.

1st ponytail!

Thanks for keeping up with us!
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