June 12, 2012

Tip Tuesday

Disclaimer:  I am no expert at anything, except NOT being at expert at anything. These tips are just something that have helped me, or someone else, or could help me, or you. That's my goal. I'm not all about the telling you what to do. So take them as you will.

I found with both my kids that when they get mobile, your life gets more hectic. Chasing, saying NO, and all that can be exhausting. Oh yeah, and just TRY and go to the bathroom BY YOURSELF and see how that works out for you.

Since Baby Sister is CONSTANTLY on the go (and super fast if you ask me), we pulled out our old life saver from when Big Sister was little. 

THIS, my friends, is how you enjoy a minute in the bathroom. Granted, it's not by yourself but at least she isn't reaching for the garbage or who knows what else.

 The best part? She loves it too.  We have a bigger laundry basket in our room that she likes but already knows how to get out of it (by tipping it over).
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