June 22, 2012

Time Flies

You know, I was thinking earlier this week (shocker, I know) about how everyone (myself included) always says that "Times flies" or "Where did the time go?"

Well, I have figured it out.  After a week of working 8-5, picking up 2 kids in different places, then taking said kids to swimming lessons, then home for supper and baths.  Next thing we know it's bedtime! Then mom has to pack lunches, fix bottles, repack bags, and maybe do a load of laundry or sweep the floor.  After a few hours of sleep, we get up and do it all over again.

THERE IS NO TIME.  That's why it goes by so fast!

Kudos to you single moms, you moms that have kids involved in tons of activities, and you moms that have more than 2 kids.

Bless you all.  This week has been hectic. I am sooooo looking forward to a weekend of NOTHING except some swimming and church.

Happy Friday. Don't blink or it will be over. All of it.
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