May 25, 2012

Friday Facts

So I took the youngest for her 9 month check up Tuesday.  That stinker is BUSY. She likes to be on the go. Makes for a not so fun 1.5 hour trip to the local hospital for a check up. Those pediatricians (whom we LOVE) are some busy peeps.

So here are the boring, yet interesting, facts from the 9 month check up.

She weighs 19 pounds and 14 ounces. So basically she's a 20 pounder now. Whew. I should look like the Hulk after toting her around!  That puts her in the 90 percentile for weight.

Height?  Well, we grow them tall.  She's 29 inches long. Last time we went at her 6 month check up, she was 25 inches. That's 4 inches in 3 months. Yikes. And that puts her in 99th percentile, almost on the line! That line which Big Sister is over.

Hey, we are overachievers, what can I say?

Happy to report that ears looked great so no tube talk this time!

She is right on schedule with everything so we are pretty happy, no lucky. Blessed.

She didn't have to get shots this visit but did get her finger pricked for bloodwork. She never even flinched. No tears. No hysterics. Just curiosity! She wanted to see what the tech was doing! She got a bright orange band-aid and we were on our way.

She had chewed off that bright orange band-aid in 2.0 seconds flat as soon as we got in the car. Oh well.

She was such an angel, other than the fact that she was wanting to get on the floor and go go go. 

I can only imagine what my life will be like when she starts walking. Which I predict will be within the next 2 months.  Maybe all that chasing will lead to more weight loss?

One can dream.

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