May 17, 2012

Beach Quotes

We just got back from a quick trip to LA (Lower Alabama).  It was just enough to make you mad. I wish we could have stayed a couple more days.

I have a tons of pics, thanks to my hubby. It was hard to get a lot of pictures when you have 1 kid you are always carrying and the other running off. Luckily, I have a good camera phone.  I've posted most of them on FB.  I'll try and post some here when I have more time.

Here are a few items I kept in a memo on my phone so I wouldn't forget them.

A few thoughts that ran through my head was whose bright idea was it to travel that far (5+ hours) with a 5 year old and a 9 month old and a 22 year old and 2 32 year olds all in one Altima with lots of luggage. Whew. It was TIGHT.  But the hubby was unfazed in my attempts to stop and buy a new, larger car, even though I got my Altima title in the mail the day we left. Sigh.

It rained off and on on us the entire trip down there. I kept thinking that was not a good sign but 2 of 3 days were absolutely perfect.

When we were approaching the famous tunnel in Mobile, Hubby told Big Sister that we were going in a tunnel under the water. She was slightly puzzled and then exclaimed, "I hope the car can swim!"  We laughed til we were blue in the face.

I was super surprised that my oldest hit the waves on day 1 with NO FEAR. Last time we went, it took her at least 7 days to warm up to them.  Oh, and she perfected her cannonball at the pool.  Just in time for Summer YMCA camp where she will swim twice a day!

We had a few small incidents but what vacation is not complete without a trip to Urgent Care? Especially with 2 kids.  Big Sister thought she broke her foot and will still tell you she did.

Long story short, she fell in a hole and had some inflammation in her growth plate. She couldn't put any weight on it one day, but made a MIRACULOUS overnight recovery and was totally fine the next 2 days. So I spent Mother's Day at the Dr. with her but then in the sun and sand.

We had a great time. Stayed at a great place. Ready to go back. Today. In a bigger vehicle.

Notice her wrapped foot

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