May 3, 2012


Well, another month has come and gone.  Man, it seems to be going faster nd faster every day.

I know all 3 of my readers has been on pins and needles waiting on my monthly weigh in post. Right?  Well, I'm always hesitant to post it because it's not always what I want to see. But, I said I was going to put it (well, most) out there so you could hold me accountable.

This month, I lost another 3 pounds. Not glamorous but I'll take it.  I am realizing this is my new life, not just my 'diet.'  My hubby says all I ever do is diet and honestly? I'm just WAY more aware of what goes in and out of my body.

I've practically stopped eating out or fast food especially.  Yes, we still go to Wendy's and McD's for the kiddo but I usually don't eat.  If I do, it's VERY small portions. It saves us money and my calories if we just eat at home.  Eating healthy can be more expensive at the grocery store but since we don't eat out that often, it all balances out.  My kid is not a huge fan of some of the new things I cook (which I am trying to be 'clean' in cooking if you know what that means) so she eats some, um, not as healthy things like PB&J and Mac and Cheese. We are working on that though.
  • 40 pounds - Weight gained with baby #2
  • 23 pounds - Weight lost in Aug. and Sept.
  • 24 pounds - Weight lost since Oct. (when I started counting)
  • 7 pounds - Weight lost since getting back to pre-pregnancy weight 
  • 47 pounds - Total weight loss to date
  • 32.5 pounds to go - Weight loss goal
I would say it would go a lot quicker if I was able to work out once or twice a day, but that's just not the case at my house, for now. It's not that I don't want to, it's just hard finding time and I refuse to sacrifice any MORE time with my family to go to the gym. That's not something I am ready to do.  Plus, it's extremely hard with a shift working hubby to be able to get in some workout time. I can't just get up at 5 am and go run in my neighborhood if he's already left for work or hasn't come home yet. Same thing at night.  So yeah, that's my excuse and I'm ok with it. I just know I have to stick with what I am doing now and it will eventually all come off, as long as I am consistent.
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