April 3, 2012

Tip Tuesday

Take a step back.  Look at your life.

I am a social butterfly.  I am outgoing.  I like to be around people.  My hubby is the total opposite. He's a homebody that would prefer to watch a movie at home instead of ever leaving our house. 

Since I am the social one, I've always been involved in LOTS of things.  During college I was in numerous clubs and activities and it was tons of fun. I would go back to college in a heartbeat (soooo much fun!).  When I started working after college, I continued to stay involved with things.  When we moved back home, I found new things to get involved with.  My jobs at the time were in sales and tourism so it helped to get my face out there.

I love being involved and making a difference.  Even if it's just sitting on a board advising others.

After we had our first child, my hubby begged me to not be as involved in some of these activities.  I think he just said that so he wouldn't have to take care of our kid. But that's neither here nor there.

I continued to keep busy, all the time.

When we surprisingly got pregnant in 2010 (and eventually miscarried), I knew it was time for me to start scaling things back.  Plus, I started a new job in 2007 and I was no longer in the public eye so the need to be involved in the community was not as important.

Don't get me wrong, I think we all should volunteer our time.

So I scaled it back.  Now, I am only involved in a handful of things.  And most of them meet during lunchtime so I don't miss out on any time with my family.  I've gotten more involved with my church, which is where my priority should have been.

So, I will say this one time.  The hubby was right.

I have taken a step back.  I have looked at my life.  I think it's much less stressful for all of us that I am less involved.  I still have a heart for volunteering but at this stage of my life, I have to limit myself. Once my kids are older, I might can get back into more things.

For now, it's the right thing for me and my family.  So take a step back and think about your priorities.  Are all the things that are taking up your time really worth it?  Is your family suffering because you are never home. Mine was and I failed to see it.

Thankfully, my hubby pointed it out to me, numerous times.  But, with 2 kids now, it's not as easy.  I don't have the time that I used to.  Especially with the hubby's horrible work schedule. We don't know normal.  But, we've made a normal.

Sometimes I think my life is boring because it consists of me going to drop kids off, work, Kroger, church and home. 


I'm glad I have time to sit in our new 'playhouse' in the backyard and play with my kids.
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