April 15, 2012

Lifestyle Change

Friday, I wore an old pair of jeans to work.  I wore that same pair of jeans when I went to Las Vegas at the end of Oct.  Since I went on that trip, I have lost 16.5 pounds.  I am not sure how I shoved myself in these pants then.  Yeah I do. SPANX. I was determined to wear jeans to Vegas and NOT maternity ones. So I wore this pair around the house for a week to stretch them out! Then put them on with my Spanx to ride on an airplane for 4 hours. NOT the smartest but I was determined.

Today, these pants are too big.  Thank you Lord for helping get to this point.

Since Oct. 1, I have lost 21 pounds. I can't lose sight of that.  I was complaining the other day about only having lost 4 pounds last month. That's 4 that I will never see again. Granted 17 of them were pregnancy pounds.

So see ya later 21 pounds. So glad I will NEVER see you again.
  • 40 pounds - Weight gained with baby #2
  • 23 pounds - Weight lost in Aug. and Sept. (If my math is correct, I didn't count those months, scary!)
  • 21 pounds - Weight lost since Oct. (when I started counting)
  • 4 pounds - Weight lost since getting back to pre-pregnancy weight 
  • 44 pounds - Total weight loss to date (that sounds much better, even thought that included a 7 pound, 7 ounce kid!)
  • 34 pounds - Weight loss goal
Wow, this is the first time I have really looked at it like this.  Guess I should tell people I've lost 44 pounds since August and not mention that I had a baby! HA!
Now, to get rid of the last 34 pounds...

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