April 23, 2012

I spy a 5 year old!

Yesterday was my sweet nephew's 5th birthday!  Happy birthday sweet Hayes!

My sis in law has to be the MOST creative person I have ever met.  Hayes wanted a spy themed birthday party since they have been learning about spy kids at church with 'Mrs. Starla'.

She had them a couple of special missions.  One was to complete an obstacle course where each kid had to crawl through the 'lasers' (red yarn), detonate a 'bomb' (black balloon with a red string tied on it), next was to walk to 'plank' (a 2x4), then up and down the slide, then to shoot (with a water gun) the 'bad guys' (balloons with face painted on them), and then run around the cones (which is where my clutz busted her behind), then through the 'tunnel' (a washing machine box), and lastly upstairs to the tree house to retrieve their 'special package'.

Getting lined up and ready
The 'lasers'
The 'bombs'
 The special package each had some letters in them and they had to figure out what it spelled, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAYES."

Their next mission was to find the missing birthday cake!  They placed clue pictures in envelopes around the house. The kids had a blast searching for the missing birthday cake!  It was discovered in the 'treasure chest' (aka, trunk) beside the food and gift table.

Mission accomplished!
There was also a table set up for finger printing and decoding to get your 'spy name'.

A good time was had by all. The goodie bags contained a certificated showing that each 'agent' had completed the 'Loper Spy School' and had some spy glasses and notepads in there too!  By far, one of the best kid birthday parties we have ever been to!  Good job Holly. You make us all look bad. You should go into business.

So to my special agent, Hayes, happy 5th birthday. We are so excited for you and the things ahead - riding your bike on the road, using your new booster seat, and starting BIG school in August. You are all grown up and I swear you and your cousin were just born YESTERDAY.

We love you with all our hearts. You are the sweetest and kindest little boy that knows more about equipment than most of the men I know.  We hope you had a great day and a great party!

Happy whole hand year!!!
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