April 12, 2012

Fits and Laughter

Earlier this week on the way to drop the girls off, we were running a few minutes behind. It seems like we are always late when it's trash pick up day and I have to take an extra minute to walk the garbage down the driveway.

Sometimes when rushed, I catch myself telling Big Sister to 'HURRY UP' about a gazillion times.  I really try not to but she has no understanding of move it along SWIFTLY.  She knows when The Cat and the Hat comes on TV, we must be walking out the door.

This particular morning, she had to go back and get her stuffed animal.  Then her notebook.  Then her fruit roll up (yes for breakfast, that's how we 'roll').  Then her jacket, not because it was cold (which it wasn't) but because her sister had one on.  I think she forgot about 3 other things.

She's totally capable of buckling the seat belt all by herself.  Well, this day she was taking FOREVER.  Usually I wait at the end of the driveway or our road until she gets it done.  Not this time.  I got on the 'big road' as she was still trying to strap in.  I know, I know, mother of the year. That was established long ago.

She BURST into tears telling me that a policeman was going to 'get her' since she wasn't strapped in.  You see, my brother in law is a sheriff's deputy.  Between him and a few others, they have instilled a fear in her.  For that which I am usually thankful for. Except this morning.

For the record, we weren't on the big road but about 30 feet before she got it done.

Well, the next fit happened in about another 30 feet when she realized that she forgot her Easter book the bunny brought her that she was going to take to her class so the teacher could read it.  The true Easter story.  She has a heart for witnessing already.

And yes, I am the mean old mama that did not go back and get it. Hello, some of us have to be at work by 8.  She can witness tomorrow.

She then proceeded to blame me for her forgetting to get it.  What? Yeah, that girl takes NO blame. Ever. For anything. Ever.

So, I did what any MOTY (mom of the year) would do.  I cranked up my Dave Barnes CD and just ignored her.  OH THE DRAMA THAT ENSUED!  

You would have thought I abused her.  Well, I might have at one point.  Kidding. Abuse is a strong word. I gave her a nice little love tap in the back seat.

Then went back to jamming to my buddy Dave.

After a few more minutes, she was still a little weepy. The ENTIRE time she was throwing all her fits, Baby Sister was just as happy as she could be. Laughing, playing, talking.

The next thing I know, Big Sister said to Baby Sister, "It's NOT funny E!"

Believe me, it took ALL I had not to bust out laughing! It was the cutest and saddest thing I've ever seen.

Sorry for the overusage of CAPS but it was all for emphasis.

I love my kiddos.  They stress me out as any kids do but they are good kids.  But geez, sometimes are mornings leave nothing to be desired.

Also for the record, by the time we had dropped Baby Sister off and then at her school, Big Sister was JUST fine.  She ran inside with her best buddy, Dino Ashley.

I think she'll be just fine.
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