April 13, 2012


This Easter was truly different for us.  Having 2 children instead of 1 now makes everything different.

The Saturday night before Easter, Big Sister asked me if the Easter bunny was real or just someone dressed up.  I was not prepared for this but the more I thought about it, the more I was ok with it.

Exactly what purpose does the Easter bunny serve when it comes to Easter?  I couldn't think of anything. And I've never had to explain that before.

So I asked her if she knew what Easter was all about.

She told me the entire Easter story.  She told me that Jesus died on the cross to 'give' us our sins (mostly right, she knew what it meant).  Then he rose from the grave to go live with his father in Heaven. When the people went to check on him in the tomb, it was empty and there was an angel there.  Then she told me that Jesus lives with his Dad but also in our hearts.


I was so excited. She really gets it.  Now, I don't think she's hold enough to understand that you have to ask him to live in your heart to be saved. That's a bit over her heard. But, I have to give her more credit.  She has some pretty awesome teachers at church and school that teach her about it.  For that, I am thankful I have actually done something right.

Oh, and I told her the Easter bunny just delivers 'happies' for us! Worked for everyone involved.

Granted, she tests me will often but she has the sweetest heart.   I just have to hope and pray she continues her love for the Lord when 'big school' starts and it's not regularly talked about. It will be at home though!

Every single time she sees a cross she says Jesus died on a cross like that.

If I never do anything right in my life, I will know that I am at least raising my children in a Christian home and for that I am thankful.

Another thing I am thankful and humbled by is how she handled a family member on Easter Sunday.  We always go to my parent's house after church and some 'extended' family comes over to hang out, fish, eat, and play.  Some family members rotate each holiday so the only kids there were mine and a 3 month old. We missed the rest of the bunch!  My 'cousin' (who is a cousin by friendship of the parents and possibly by marriage but it's way too complicated to explain) is mentally (and slightly physically) handicapped.  I'm not even sure of the technical terms for it all. He's the sweetest man and we love him just the same.

At one point during the afternoon, Big Sister's notebook she got from the bunny went missing. She told me where she laid it but it was not there. She did not make a huge deal of it which is quite unusual.  Well, the cousin had it and was drawing a picture in it.  She said it was ok if he used it and she could use it when he got done.  Later that afternoon, they watched part of a movie together while we were all eating.  She never said anything about it, until we got in the car to come home.  She asked me what was wrong with him. I just told him he was born different than us but everyone was born different. She said God made us all special in his own way.  WOW, blown away again.  I was overjoyed at how she handled it all. And yes, she's been around him each Easter since she was born. I guess this year there was no Hayes, or Brooke to distract her.  Or she is just older and more observant?  She showed me yet again of her sweet spirit and I told her just how proud I was of her.  I'm always worried how my children will handle things that don't seem 'normal' to them.

So this Easter, I was extra thankful and humbled yet again.

Thank you Jesus for your many many many blessings and your sacrifice.
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