April 5, 2012


This has been a tough week so I have a few confessions to make.

1)   I lost 4 pounds this month. While, that's good and all, I would like it to be more.  It's hard to continually eat 1500-1700 calories a day. I would love to exercise but I don't have time. It's not an excuse, just the truth. I've tried. I'm working on it.  I'm looking for some new foods and recipes to incorporate into my diet.

2)   I've had a bad attitude this week over a few things. Nothing that's in my control. Just super frustrating and it won't change until someone is gone and it's not likely to happen anytime soon.  Just makes me not trust leadership.

3)   So many people I know have a tough marriage and for some reason divorce is the easiest and quickest way to just 'be done' with it. I don't get it. You said I do for better or for worse, til death do you part.  Granted, there are some reasons when divorce is the best answer, say if your spouse is a drunk or abusive.  But, most of the time that's not the case. People just stop communicating and think divorce is the answer. It's not.

4)  I haven't fully cleaned my house since Baby Sister was born. I've spot cleaned and I did a pretty good job when I had bunco in Feb.  But the entire house has not been cleaned at one time. Why? I don't care.  My kids would rather play outside and I'm totally fine with that.  My hubby doesn't care that the house isn't clean. It's somewhat presentable if anyone were to enter my front door.  As long as they don't go very far.  I told the hubby last night was the 1st time it was really starting to bother me.  I just don't have the desire to clean like I used to.  We are too busy.  We have different priorities.  I can't afford a maid.

5)   Just when I was complaining last week about my bad week due to the hubby's 3-11 work schedule, God showed me, yet again, that He knows.  And others do have it worse. Way worse.  Just when I was complaining about being tired of doing things by myself, without my spouse, God showed me that I should be thankful for what I do have.

Sunday night, we saw ambulances and rescue vehicles in our neighborhood around 9 pm.  Not sure what was going on, I went next door to my neighbor's house. Her husband was home and mine was not so I was glad.  Long story short, a 25 year old wife and mother no longer has her husband. He died tragically in their home, just 3 houses down from us. They have 2 beautiful daughters named Cadence and Skyler.  Their daddy is dead. How do you explain that?  Especially when it's an apparent accidental suicide (if you can even have that??)?

This week, I've been humbled. 
Yeah I had needed an attitude adjustment and I got it. Quickly.  Thank you Lord.

If you would, could you please pray for my neighbors? Michelle and Skyler and Cadence could use a ton of prayer over the next few days, weeks, months.  They will be burying their best friend today.  So tragic.

And to think, I didn't even know their names until Sunday.  Now, every time I hear an ambulance, I cringe. It's all too real.
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