April 30, 2012


So, how do you keep a super active 8 month old occupied in one spot long enough to gobble down some food in 2.8 seconds after church?

I am not ashamed. She loved it.

I know it's blurry but Big Sister refuses to let me take 1 picture without her being in the next one. 

I pick and choose my battles people. That ain't a battle I want to fight.

I chose to not fight Monday mornings either. UGH. They are rough at our house.  Especially when we are trying to be quiet so Daddy can sleep in the next room.  People are tired, hungry, and just plain loud and grumpy on Mondays.

Honestly? Some Mondays I am glad to come to work. For a little peace and quiet. And no battles no chose to fight or not. Well, usually.

Keeping it real this Monday morning.

More keeping it real later this week: Commitment. Or the lack thereof.
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