March 13, 2012

Tip Tuesday

So, here is how my life looks lately.

 Yeah, and that's 2 servings. I like breakfast.

 And yes, I cheat a bit. It's fruit. A few extra pieces of that won't kill me.

Everything, well not everything, but most of what I eat these days (especially at work) is pre-measured.  That makes it easier in calorie counting.  I usually do this on Sundays to get ready for the week but sometimes it doesn't happen that way.

It does make my life a lot easier when I can just grab a bag of Cherrios and know that's what I will be having for breakfast.  Now, if I could just remember to take more milk when I run out.

I do this with snacks for me and the kids.  I can control how much Big Sister eats (preferably not the WHOLE bag of Goldfish) and how much I eat.
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