March 23, 2012


You know, some days are better than others at our house.  It's not all roses and chocolate.  Ok, maybe lots of chocolate, but not roses.  


We are blessed.  I know this.  I see this.  I acknowledge this.  Thanks in part to lots of prayer and the good Lord above, we are blessed.

- I have 2 beautiful and healthy girls.

- I have a wonderful husband (although I complain about him all the time) who has a wonderful job with super crappy hours.  Our relationship is stronger than ever, even after almost 10 years of marriage, and over 16 years together.  Communication and laughter are the keys to us.

- I have YET to buy a single diaper or wipe for my 7 month old.  That's pretty awesome.  We have great friends and family.

- I have some pretty amazing friends in my life.
- I have the BEST parents and in laws a girl could ask for. They are SUCH a big help, as is most of my family.

So when I get down and want to have my pity party, which sometimes happens quite frequently, I just have to tell myself (thanks Lisa!) that there is always someone else out there who has it worse off than I do!  I might be a single mom most of the time, but there are true single moms out there that struggle.  I'm lucky to have a husband at home some of the time.

So just remember, you are too blessed to be stressed.  
One of my favorite sayings!
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