February 21, 2012

Tip Tuesday

After seeing a great response to my SUYL post on working moms, I decided to start a Tuesday Tip post.

So every Tuesday, if I can remember or have time to, I will post a tip. It might be something related to being a working mom or something related to nothing at all.  And no, I am no expert.  On anything.

You know me, I am random.

So to start it off, this Tuesday's tip is:

Take a few hours one day, once a month, to just do nothing.  Just lay in the bed and play on your Kindle, tablet, smart phone, or just read the paper.

Since having my 2nd kid, I don't get to read the paper as often as I used to.  Before August, I could read my paper most every day. Now it stacks up in my floor until the weekend, when sometimes I still can't catch up.

Last Sunday, I wanted to just chill and do nothing. It was cold here and it hasn't been cold hardly any this winter. I wanted to snuggle with my kids under warm covers.  While Baby Sister napped, Big Sister and I laid in my big ole king sized bed.  She played games on my Kindle Fire and I played on my phone.  Then Daddy came home and made fun of us (even tweeting about our laziness) and ultimately joined us with his tablet.

It was exactly what we needed.  No worrying about laundry or dishes or meals or anything.  Just quality times with technology. 

I assure you, a good time was had by all.
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