February 6, 2012


Just in case you didn't see one of the comments from my last post, here it is.

Sara, when I read it, I just teared up! I read it to Big Sister as well.  She got all shy and just hugged me. I told her again how proud I was of her!

Thanks for sharing!

We always ask for no gifts for E but maybe we should just start to do this since people bring gifts anyway! And, may I let you in on a little secret? I don't know if you know I work in the Pediatric ICU at Batson and we use this donated stuff so often. While us, as nurses, buy the kids lots of stuff, it's nice to just have it there sometimes. I had a kid just last week that had to be in our unit because of a treatment she was getting that she couldn't get on the floor (where they have a playroom.) She was bored outta her mind, bless her soul. In one of our donated toys boxes, I found a Color Wonder 3D thing that I brought her. YOU WOULD HAVE THOUGHT SANTA HAD WALKED IN THAT ROOM. She played with it for HOURS making little creations. It was adorable. So, thank you for making sick kids smile and laugh. 

Makes it all worth it, right there.
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