February 3, 2012

Good Deed

For Big Sister's birthday again this year, she agreed to not receive presents but to give all of hers to sick children at our state's only Children's Hospital.

I'm so proud to say that she has done this 2 years in a row.  We don't need all the stuff you get for your birthday.  On her birthday invitations, we ask for people to bring a book or puzzle for the kids at Batson.  She decorates a 'Batson box' for guests to put their items in.  This year, she got IN the box to decorate it.  She can write so much better now than she could last year. Granted she wrote her name, sister's name, my name and Daddy's name all over it but she drew some stuff too.

Exhibit A

She racked up on gifts again this year.  We let her go through all presents and let her pick 1 thing to keep for herself. And yes, before you go thinking we are awful parents for not giving our kid presents on her birthday, she gets plenty from us and family.  She does not go without!

I am proud to say she received all this and gave it ALL away.

She didn't care anything about delivering the box this year so Aunt Holly graciously delivered it for us. THANK YOU!

She will get her annual trip to the Children's Museum as her reward.

We are so proud that she has such a giving heart.  Yes, there were times when she didn't really want to give it all away but after we talked about the sick children and how they need something to make them happy, she was back on track.  She gets it. And for that, I am blessed beyond measure.
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