February 14, 2012

40 Days in the Word

This weekend, my church started a new small group study by Rick Warren called 40 Days in the Word.  So far, it's pretty exciting.  He is teaching us how to break down each and every verse we read so that we can understand it and apply it.  This study encourages you to have daily quiet time reading and studying the word.  I think this is exactly what I needed.  It's forcing me to slow down and see the important things of life.  It's teaching me to be a doer of the Word.

And no, laundry is NOT important.

Our first verse we are supposed to memorize is 
Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly.
Colossians3:16a (NIV)
I'm excited to see what all this study has in store for me.  And I pray that I can continue my quiet time long after the study is over.  My life is crazy enough that I need to include this in my every day.

Oh, and...
Happy Valentine's Day.  It's my least favorite holiday of the year.  Tell someone you love them everyday, not just on this day.  Gives me good words and deeds, not flowers and chocolate.
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