January 27, 2012

Sure Sign

I've known for a long time that I am slowly losing my mind.  You know, everyone says you temporarily lose it when you are pregnant. I agree.  But, it comes back.  Usually.  My brain usually works quite well, until you take more sleep away from me.  The less sleep I have, the crazier I get.  Typical right?

Well, this week I have been reminded twice that I'm sleep deprived and have a padded cell on the list of things to request next week.

2 sure signs I'm losing my mind:

Since the hubby is working the shutdown at work and is on 12 hour shifts, we don't see much of each other. Which also leads me to do all things child related.  I was trying to be super nice the other night since I know he's working so hard.  He was out of tea and I knew he would want some when he came home that next morning.  So I poured the water in the pot and added the bags.  I made sure it was plugged in (since I unplug it to plug up my crock pot that is getting tons of use) and turned it on.  I started working on supper and turned back a few minutes later, only to see that I had forgotten to put the pitcher in it's place.  Thus, leaving my countertop full of tea that had no place to go!  YIKES. I grabbed some paper towels and put the pitcher where it needed to be.

Strike 1

Yesterday, I didn't take a lunch break at work so I could leave a little early.  We had been warned earlier in the day that the cops were out in full force around the office.  As I was about to pull out of the parking lot, I saw a cop turning around to pull someone else over.  When I finally got in the road, I called the office to report that they were very close to us.  I guess I shouldn't talk on the phone and drive.  I went to pick up Baby Sister from the sitter's house, which is just down the road from my office.  I walked in and told her that the police were all out and about.  Then I turned around to get the bag and it was not there.  When I asked her where it was, she said, "There is no baby here today."

DOH!  She only keeps her 3 days a week and my parents keep her 2 days a week.  This was my mom's day. She was meeting me at Big Sister's school, also down the road.

At least I didn't forget her and leave her somewhere.  Yet.

Strike 2

Lord help me. I should not admit these things.
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