January 18, 2012


This weekend, we celebrated the kiddo's 5th birthday by having a swim party!  In January!  One of our YMCAs has an indoor swimming pool.  Since Baby Sister's birthday is in August and will likely have more swim parties, we decided that this year would be Big Sister's year of the swim party!  She had a great time and is always in RARE form when it's actually all about her.

Whew, my sweet 5 year old tornado.
She chose a monkey them this year and I'm not good with doing the whole 'themed' birthday for her. Since it's right after Christmas, it almost gets lost in the hustle and bustle.

This was part of the invitation from Snapfish.

Once again this year, she chose to forgo presents for her and collect books and puzzle for the kids at Blair E. Batson Children's Hospital.  I am one proud Mama!  We filled this entire box with soooo much stuff for the kids.  She even decorated the box and a colored a picture to go in the box.  She has such a sweet giving spirit!

Now for party pictures!

 Cousin Hayes showing off his cannonball!

 Buddies swimming

 They were all little fish!

Uncle Josh took one for the team and got in with Blake and Bradley.  Blake sure has come a long way since this summer with his swimming!
Whitt, checking out the ladies!

 When she turned 2, she freaked out when everyone started singing Happy Birthday. Not this year. She TOLD them to start singing. 
Miss Bossy Pants.

She LOVED her monkey cake! My friend Susan made it and you can check out her blog here.

We all had a great time. The YMCA was wonderful and provided almost everything but the cake and ice cream!  Best $100 I ever spent!

Thanks to everyone who came! I wish we could have invited everyone!
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