January 20, 2012

My 5 Year Old

Big Sister had her 5 year old check up and physical yesterday.  Yes, the dreaded school shots go with this visit.  We've been talking about it for weeks so she would be prepared in knowing what was going to happen.

I was soooo impressed by how well she did with the shots.  After chatting it up with the nurse (whom we LOVE) and Dr. Fairchild (whom we LOVE), she knew it was coming.  The nurse talked her through it all and she took it like a CHAMP.  She only cried with the 4th (and last) shot because it burns a little going in.  She was promptly given like 6 stickers and was deciding who to share them with.  We then had to go to the lab and get her finger pricked to check all her levels.  That girl did not even flinch!  She said it hurt when the lady was squeezing her finger to get the blood out.  She was promptly given 2 Cars stickers, one with Lightning McQueen and one with Finn McMissile. Both of which she said she was giving to cousin Blake because 'he LOVES Cars.'

Now for the boring stats.

My big girl is THICK. She weighed 56.2 pounds yesterday.  She is not fat but she is thick.

She is 46 1/2 inches tall. That put her ABOVE the 90th percentile.  Literally, off the chart as the Dr. showed me!  She's thick and tall.

Her vocabulary is above where it should be.  I swear, she talks NON STOP.  But hey, she's me so what can I say?

Everything else looked good.  We are super blessed that we have not had to see the Dr. since her 4 year old check up.  Not sure how that happened but very grateful for that, especially since I've been to the pediatrician's office twice this week, once with each kid.  We are very lucky to have a good immune system.

After all was said and done, I took her to get ice cream. I had promised if she did good, that would be her reward. After how good she did, I was willing to get her pretty much whatever she wanted.

So vanilla ice cream with sprinkles it was, until she saw the chocolate coins and wanted those. Yep, I got them too.  And yes, I fixed her hair before we left home yesterday morning.  She then put on a hat and that was the end of her cute hair.

She's so excited that when sister has her 1st birthday, it will be time for 'Big School' for her.  She has no idea what's in store for her in kindergarten but Miss Melanie has done well getting her ready. 

A whole new world starts in August.  Let the journey begin.
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