January 3, 2012


So, in the month of December, I lost 3.5 pounds.  Still doesn't sound like much but I'll take it since it was over the holidays and I allowed myself a bit more.

Now, it's back to the grind. Calorie counting everything. Portion control everything.

Now, if only I could figure out how and when to add in a little exercise, that would be great. We did take a COLD walk around the neighborhood Sunday afternoon. I strapped on baby girl and big sister rode her bike.

I really need to start playing our new Just Dance 3 game for 10 minutes a day and that will help. Just stopping long enough for that is a stretch.

My goal for this year (resolution wise) is not all about weight loss. But I will put that goal out there. I am hoping to lose 6 pounds each month until I hit my weight loss goal. Only 42 more pounds to go. That gives me 7 months. If I make it, great. If not, I keep trying.

Wow, now it's all in writing so I have to stick to it, right?

Next goal, try not to stress about it.  Easier said that done.
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