January 26, 2012

16 years

The hubby and I met in (or around) Dec. of 1993.  We have 2 different junior high and high schools in our town.  He went to one and I went to the other.  We had quite a few mutual friends and we both played Jr. high basketball.  We 'formally' met one night after a basketball game.  I was smitten from the beginning.  He was hot. I was 14.  Who cared?

We 'went out' on a first date to a friend's house (thanks Rob!) shortly thereafter.  I then invited him to our Valentine Dance.  Man, if I showed you the picture from that, you would not believe it.

We only dated for about a month in Jr. high and then moved on.  In high school, we both played soccer for different schools.  We saw each other at a tournament in 1996.  We spoke but I knew he had a girlfriend so I thought that was the end of it.  Luckily, I was wrong.  We talked for a while that day and the days after.  He eventually broke up with this girlfriend and we started hanging out.

On this day in 1996, we officially started dating.  Man, such a long time ago.  16 years.  Whew.

I never thought we would last this long plus have 2 beautiful little girls.  Most marriages don't last this long.

So we've been together for 16 years.  Literally, half my life has been spent with him.  I'm 32 peeps.  Hard to believe.  We've been married for almost 10 years.  Another wow.

I'm blessed to have him in my life.  Yes, he aggravates the heck out of me sometimes and he's lazy (he's agrees) but we work.  It's not always easy but for us, it works.  I think some people give up on marriages too quickly because divorce is the easier thing to do.  We have to make it work, but who doesn't?  I never realized just how much of a strain kids add to a marriage.  Luckily, I see it and know I can't change everything.

We've been through a lot together.  Deaths, marriages, divorces (friends and family, not ours), a miscarriage, births of 2 healthy and happy girls, vacations, trips, friends, and much much more.

Yes, I complain about him.  I don't meet all his needs and vice versa.  But, what marriage is perfect?

We love each other unconditionally and that's truly what matters.  I am blessed.  And looking forward to many many many more years together.

1996, just wow. Look at all that hair. His, not mine or Beth's!
2002, at our reception
2007 at his brother's wedding, with addition #1

Summer 2008, at the beach

Summer 2009, at the beach

Christmas 2011, with addition #1 and #2
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